10 Apr
Top Tips for Growing Your Construction Company

Top Tips for Growing Your Construction Company

No matter what your business is, the key to growth is an almost unstoppable ambitious drive. While you may have all the know-how in the world, if you haven’t got the motivation to push your business forward you’ll stumble at the very first hurdle.

All the largest businesses in the world, from Facebook to Virgin, Apple to Bechtel, weren’t overnight successes. Their founders all had the ambition that was needed to push their businesses toward success, plus a few key tips. You may have the ambition, too, but you’ll need the focus these tips provide to truly excel.

23 Nov

How Building Information Modelling is Improving the Construction Industry

In 2011, the Government Construction Strategy published by the UK Cabinet Office stated that from 2016 onwards, all government projects would require BIM to be produced. With this strategy coming into play this year, we’re looking at how Building Information Modelling is improving the construction industry, as well as answering all the questions you may have about exactly what BIM entails.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling/Building Information Model, or BIM, is the process of creating a collaborative 3D model of a project, including information on the asset of the project and all corresponding documentation and data.

Why is it needed?

17 Nov
Top 9 Traits of a Successful Project Manager

Top 9 Traits of a Successful Project Manager

All construction projects are temporary endeavors for construction workers, however the results of the build, and the lasting impression on the client, are much more permanent. For that reason, it is important to keep staff motivated and quality of work consistently high throughout the entirety of a project, which is where Project Managers can help.

There are several traits and qualities that make some Project Managers more successful than others, and it is these Project Managers that usually get the best results out of their staff.

To excel as a Project Manager, 9 traits you will need to possess are:

  • Communication
  • Ability to delegate
  • Vision
  • Enthusiasm
  • A team-builder
  • Empathy
  • Composure
  • Competence
  • Ability to solve problems

Read on to find out more about the traits of a successful Project Manager –

09 Nov
Behaviour-Based Safety Within Construction

Behaviour-Based Safety Within Construction

While construction is very much a hands-on and physical job, mentality and personality are also huge traits that need to be considered within the construction industry. The trade requires people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to co-operate and communicate, which can be tricky.


The wrong kind of behaviour on a construction site can be dangerous and lead to accidents and potentially fatal injuries. Because of this, behavioural psychology is often used by site managers to identify and minimise any potential risks.

If you’re unsure of what behaviour-based safety is or how you can utilise it to keep your staff safe,

03 Oct
Most Common House Survey Issues

Most Common House Survey Issues

If you’re purchasing a property, you are more than likely about to undertake a property survey. This is a vital first step to examining the structural integrity of your property. Property surveyors often encourage further surveys, and this is done for a very valid reason – property surveyors are by no means experts in all of the ins and outs of building and electrical works, so sometimes an expert recommendation is required.

To illustrate just how important a thorough property survey is, and why you should always follow your surveyor’s recommendations for a more in-depth report, here we’re looking at some of the most common issues that house surveys identify.

19 Jul
Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker

Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker

Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker Right click here to save

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your workforce with some competent new staff or are a construction worker looking to make yourself more employable, there are some traits in construction workers that are more desirable than others; here we present a rundown the top 5 traits for a construction worker and why they are important.


accident-1238326_960_720 (1)
1. Safe

Keeping everyone safe on construction sites should always be a number one priority. With heavy materials and potentially dangerous equipment all around, it is very easy for someone to be accidentally injured.

11 Jul
How to Improve Teamwork in Construction

How to Improve Teamwork in Construction

Any construction project is a collaborative process that requires the input of many team members, including architects, engineers, building contractors and the investors. While all members of this team share a common goal of wanting to complete the project, their methods of doing so and the priorities each team member has can be very different, sometimes causing conflict that can slow or even halt the progress of the project.

To help you get your project back on track and improve the working relationships on your site, the team here at Hitchcock & King have put together some tips on how to improve teamwork in construction.

01 Jul
Top 6 Construction Myths

Top 6 Construction Myths

While a lot of the common misconceptions about the construction industry have slowly been dispelled as the industry has grown and developed, there are still some myths concerning builders and the work environment that are harming the industry’s reputation.
Whether you’re considering a career in construction or are trying to defend your job to misinformed friends, we can help you with our run down of the top 6 construction myths debunked.

Construction is bad for the environment

Construction gets a bad environmental rep because many take the stance that as some of the materials emit carbon dioxide and aren’t recyclable the industry is harmful to the environment,

11 May
Timber Frame vs Steel Frame

Timber Frame vs Steel Frame

Although it comes down to personal preference, and there’s no definitive answer to the question of which building material is best, with steel becoming an increasingly popular material for construction, we’re looking at the pros and cons of both steel and timber to see how the two measure up.


Speed of construction

A timber frame for a building is much quicker to assemble than a standard brick and mortar house, which makes it a very popular option for many homeowners, but how does this stack up against a steel framed house?

As they are assembled in a similar way to timber frames,