17 Jul
Which Roofing Material Would Be Ideal for Your Roof?

Which Roofing Material Would Be Ideal for Your Roof?

Renovating a roof is a massive undertaking and a project you shouldn’t set out upon lightly. For instance, failing to invest in the right materials or expertise for your roofing project could prove calamitous; your roof could leak, let in draughts, or even collapse if your roof can’t support the weight of your new tiles or shingles.

To help you avoid the worst, here we’re going to look at which roofing material would be ideal for your roof and the crucial things you must always consider.

What to Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials

When you first set out to find new roofing materials for your roof,

06 Feb

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

A construction manager, or site manager, must coordinate and supervise a variety of operations on a construction site. They join a project at the earliest planning stages and see it right through to completion. They ensure all operations are completed on time, within budget and, above all, safely.

Construction managers are a necessity on all manner of worksites, both large and small. Whether you’re renovating a small property or constructing a large premises like a school, you’ll need a construction manager to oversee all aspects of the project. It almost goes without saying then that the roles and responsibilities of a construction manager can be vast and varied.

23 Nov

Top Tips for Construction Site Safety During Winter

Working on a construction site is a hazard no matter the season, but in winter, there are even more potential dangers to think about; even working a full day in the freezing cold is a health hazard that must be countered. To help you get to grips with site safety during winter, we’ve put together some top tips for keeping the weather’s effects to a minimum.


Wrap up

First and foremost, you need to protect against the constant exposure to the weather. Spending prolonged periods of time out in the cold can lead to stiff joints,

09 Nov
Behaviour-Based Safety Within Construction

Behaviour-Based Safety Within Construction

While construction is very much a hands-on and physical job, mentality and personality are also huge traits that need to be considered within the construction industry. The trade requires people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to co-operate and communicate, which can be tricky.


The wrong kind of behaviour on a construction site can be dangerous and lead to accidents and potentially fatal injuries. Because of this, behavioural psychology is often used by site managers to identify and minimise any potential risks.

If you’re unsure of what behaviour-based safety is or how you can utilise it to keep your staff safe,

30 Oct
How to Keep Up-To-Date with Construction Industry Trends

How to Keep Up-To-Date with Construction Industry Trends

Nowadays, our working environments are changing at a fast pace, and there is always some new gadget or trend that is helping to make our jobs more productive, safe or enjoyable. With change happening around us as we speak, it can seem like a never ending task to try and keep up with the latest trends. To help you stay ahead of the crowd, Hitchcock & King have put together some tips on how to keep up-to-date with construction industry trends.

Why stay up-to-date?

Keeping up with the latest market trends is crucial for having the cutting edge on your competitors,

01 Sep
How to Start a Career in Construction

How to Start a Career in Construction

A career in construction can be highly rewarding for the right individual, with a renowned, friendly work environment and each day offering a different challenge, many flourish in a construction career path.

In 2015, builders saw the highest pay rise than any other sector, netting an average of a whopping 10.2% salary growth, so as well as an exciting and challenging role, there’s a fantastic pay packet to be earned within the construction industry too.

With all the benefits of the industry coming to light, it comes as no surprise that interest in the field is increasing.

19 Jul
Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker

Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker

Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker Right click here to save

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your workforce with some competent new staff or are a construction worker looking to make yourself more employable, there are some traits in construction workers that are more desirable than others; here we present a rundown the top 5 traits for a construction worker and why they are important.


accident-1238326_960_720 (1)
1. Safe

Keeping everyone safe on construction sites should always be a number one priority. With heavy materials and potentially dangerous equipment all around, it is very easy for someone to be accidentally injured.

11 Jul
How to Improve Teamwork in Construction

How to Improve Teamwork in Construction

Any construction project is a collaborative process that requires the input of many team members, including architects, engineers, building contractors and the investors. While all members of this team share a common goal of wanting to complete the project, their methods of doing so and the priorities each team member has can be very different, sometimes causing conflict that can slow or even halt the progress of the project.

To help you get your project back on track and improve the working relationships on your site, the team here at Hitchcock & King have put together some tips on how to improve teamwork in construction.

01 Jul
Top 6 Construction Myths

Top 6 Construction Myths

While a lot of the common misconceptions about the construction industry have slowly been dispelled as the industry has grown and developed, there are still some myths concerning builders and the work environment that are harming the industry’s reputation.
Whether you’re considering a career in construction or are trying to defend your job to misinformed friends, we can help you with our run down of the top 6 construction myths debunked.

Construction is bad for the environment

Construction gets a bad environmental rep because many take the stance that as some of the materials emit carbon dioxide and aren’t recyclable the industry is harmful to the environment,