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Fibre Boards

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Fibre boards in London

As one of London’s leading timber merchants, with over 40 years of industry experience, we know a thing or two about wood. We’ve got several types of wood fibreboard available depending on what you need it for.

Fibre boards are an engineered wood product made from wood fibres and other recycled materials, all pressed in together for a nice even finish. It can be made in pretty much any density – low, medium, high, particle board, hardboard, you name it. Fibreboard can be used for loads of different projects, whether it’s roofing, furniture, or sheathing for walls to name a few.

With impressive stock levels across thousands of products, Hitchcock & King is the place to be when it comes to timber supplies. We can even cut your materials to size with our dedicated machinery. Simply pop into one of our branches across London, or give us a call to chat about what you need. You can always take advantage of our fast, reliable delivery service and have your products with you ASAP!

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