Plumber’s Desk

We’re proud to launch our new Plumber’s Desk, a place where plumbing professionals can purchase the right products for the right tasks as is expected of any plumber’s merchant, whilst also benefitting from some friendly, personal advice. Exclusive to our Fulham branch, this unique service has been launched to help customers across Fulham and London get specialist opinions on equipment before they buy.

With two qualified plumbing experts on hand to help, we will select the best products for your needs, offering guidance and product details.

Drop by our Plumber’s Desk to:

  • Enquire about specific plumbing parts
  • Ask about the quality of certain products
  • Learn which products are suitable for your needs
  • Purchase top quality plumbing supplies
  • Complete your work to a high standard with our fantastic range of plumbing supplies, including: a large variety of radiator sizes, copper tubes, fittings of up to 28 mm and full central heating systems.

Meet the team

Manning the Plumber’s Desk are industry experts, Stephen and Stuart. With vast experience of offering their services and advice to plumbing professionals, we’re certain that Stephen and Stuart will put their knowledge to good use, benefitting all visitors to the Plumber’s Desk.

For the past 28 years, the pair have developed a strong working relationship and friendship with each other. Furthermore, Hitchcock & King have been on good terms with Stephen and Stuart for over 40 years, and are excited to have them on board to improve our plumbers’ merchant efforts as our resident plumbing specialists.

Hitchcock & King have secured a strong reputation as builders’ and plumbers’ merchants, renowned for being affordable, trustworthy, and versatile in our provision of products and services. Drop by our Fulham branch and give our Plumber’s Desk a visit today!

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