Site Lighting London

Here at Hitchcock & King, we stock thousands of products by leading brands to help you get the most of your supplies and get the job done. We have plenty of options for site lighting, so that you can crack on with your work without any hassle.

Some construction work is best carried out at night when there is less congestion. But if you want your worksite to be safe and legally compliant, you need to have sufficient lighting so that workers can see what they’re doing and stay aware of any hazards.

Whether it’s an awkward corner of the house you need to get a small light into, or a highway construction site, have all sorts of fixed and portable lights available – just pop into one of our six branches across London. Alternatively, we have a fast, reliable delivery service to take advantage of.

When it comes to building supplies, Hitchcock & King are one of the best in the business. Contact the friendly team today for more information about our site lighting range.

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