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    Standard house bricks: 215mm x 65mm
    Blocks: 440mm x 215mm
    All figures assume a 10mm mortar joint

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    Brick Calculator – How many bricks do I need?

    Never overpay for bricks again. With our free brick calculator for walls, you can find out exactly how many bricks you’ll need to complete your project. Simply enter the height and length of the wall you’re building and you’ll receive an instant calculation for standard house bricks and concrete blocks.

    Once you know how many bricks you need, it’s time to buy them. We provide bricks with fast, trackable delivery. You’ll get the exact amount you need, exactly when you need them. 

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    Standard House Brick

    Our standard brick size is 215mm x 65mm. That goes for all our bricks — and we’ve got a lot of them. Choose from over 80 different types of bricks to find the perfect look for your wall. Our bricks come in a range of colours, textures and finishes, and they’re all delivered straight to your door with fast, trackable delivery.

    Concrete Blocks

    Our concrete block dimensions measure in at 440mm x 215mm. As one of the strongest materials in the world, you can’t go wrong with concrete. We provide aerated & solid concrete blocks, perfect for a variety of applications. But no matter how much you need or what you need them for, we guarantee to deliver them straight to your door — fast. 

    Get yours today and start building now.