How to Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal with DIY

If you’ve spent too much time around estate agents, you might have heard the term ‘kerb appeal’ thrown around. The idea is that, the better your home looks to passersby, the more it’s worth on the market. In this article, we’ll be going into a little more detail with kerb appeal, looking at how you can improve it via a range of DIY projects.


It’s not the most glamorous task in the world, and it’s not very interesting either, but it’s certainly worth doing. If you have a front lawn or any sort of plant growth near your driveway,

Top Tips for Growing Your Construction Company

No matter what your business is, the key to growth is an almost unstoppable ambitious drive. While you may have all the know-how in the world, if you haven’t got the motivation to push your business forward you’ll stumble at the very first hurdle.

All the largest businesses in the world, from Facebook to Virgin, Apple to Bechtel, weren’t overnight successes. Their founders all had the ambition that was needed to push their businesses toward success, plus a few key tips. You may have the ambition, too, but you’ll need the focus these tips provide to truly excel.

Construction Safety Tips for Builders

The construction industry is a dangerous one, with the chances of work-related illnesses or injuries being much higher than the norm. In fact, the construction industry is consistently listed as one of the top five most dangerous industries to work in, and it is not surprising given the nature of the work; construction involves heavy lifting, dealing with machinery, working at heights and working in dusty or unstable surroundings, to name but a few.

On average, 69,000 cases of self-reported work-related illnesses and 65,000 self-reported non-fatal workplace injuries are recorded every year. These illnesses and injuries lead to 1.7 million working days lost a year,

Top 12 Tips for Motivating Construction Staff

If you’re at a loss on how to keep your workforce productive, we’re here to help! Read our top tips for keeping builders happy and productive.

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Lead by example with a good attitude

As the business owner, it’s up to you to lead by example. Be motivated, hardworking and present to give the right impression to your staff. If you’re being lazy or negative towards your work, you can’t expect anything different from your staff!

‘I’ vs ‘we’, watching your phrasing

As well as leading by example, you should make sure that your staff think of you as part of the team,