05 Mar

3 Home Improvement Projects to Refresh Your Home

Home improvement projects revitalise the look and feel of your home but can also add significant value. Whether you’re looking to undertake a weekend DIY project or a more extensive renovation, Hitchcock & King offers a wide range of materials to bring your vision to life. 

In this article, we take a look at three simple yet impactful projects that can transform your home — and all using materials readily available from your trusted builders’ merchant.

What can be improved at home?

Improving your home can mean a million things, from cosmetic upgrades, like painting and flooring, to functional enhancements such as better insulation. We recommend focusing on areas that affect your daily life and can increase your property’s value. 

What improvements add the most value to a home in the UK?

In the UK, certain home improvements are known for their high return on investment. Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, improving energy efficiency and increasing living space are at the top. However, simpler projects like painting, flooring upgrades and adding smart home features can also significantly impact your home’s appeal and value.

Three easy home improvement ideas

So, which three home improvement jobs do we recommend? Ones that are both easy and beneficial?

  1. Upgrade your flooring

Switching to high-quality flooring can dramatically change your home’s aesthetics and feel. And at Hitchcock & King, you can find a variety of flooring options to suit different styles and budgets.

Brown wooden flooring - Hitchcock & King

From the warmth and classic look of wooden flooring to the durability and water resistance of vinyl and laminate options, you can find a wide selection at Hitchcock & King, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

  1. Refresh your rooms with paint

A new colour scheme can alter a room’s mood, making it feel larger, brighter or more cosy. Hitchcock & King’s range of high-quality paints covers everything from vibrant hues to subtle tones, suitable for every room in your house. With eco-friendly and durable options, you can achieve a professional-looking finish that will stand the test of time. Their team can offer advice on colour selection, finishes and the quantity needed for your project, making your DIY painting project a breeze.

White paint and paint brush - Hitchcock & King

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any space. Whether it’s walls, ceilings or cupboards, choosing the right shade and type of paint can transform a room’s ambiance, making it feel larger, brighter, or more cosy. 

  1. Revitalise your kitchen with new tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and updating your tiles can refresh the entire space. From backsplashes to floors, we stock a range of kitchen tiles in various designs and materials, helping you create the perfect kitchen aesthetic.

DIY kitchen tiles - Hitchcock & King

DIY materials from your trusted builders merchant

For these projects and more, Hitchcock & King is your go-to supplier. With our extensive inventory of DIY materials, including vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, paint and tiles, we support your home improvement journey from start to finish. 

Visit our website or your local branch to explore our products and get expert advice tailored to your needs.