07 Sep
Most Expensive Woods in the World

Most Expensive Woods in the World

Timber is famed for its ease of use, versatility and low prices – all features which make it a fantastic tool for construction. However, not all woods are the same, and whether it’s due to the strength of the wood, its attractive aesthetic or just its rarity, there are some rather expensive woods in the world.

Here we present a countdown of the 10 most expensive woods in the world, looking at what makes them so pricey!

NB: The prices for each wood fluctuates given the current market, and the prices reflected here were accurate as of the date of publishing.

29 May

Wood flooring vs laminate flooring

If you are deciding between wooden and laminate flooring, there are various aspects to – and properties of – both that can play a role in your decision. Depending on the type of property, the room you are putting the floor down in and the requirements you have of the flooring in terms of its purpose and qualities the material may possess, there are a wealth of choices you can make.

When deciding between wood flooring and laminate flooring as your two options, it should be noted that the two materials are very different in a number of ways.