How to Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal with DIY

If you’ve spent too much time around estate agents, you might have heard the term ‘kerb appeal’ thrown around. The idea is that, the better your home looks to passersby, the more it’s worth on the market. In this article, we’ll be going into a little more detail with kerb appeal, looking at how you can improve it via a range of DIY projects.


It’s not the most glamorous task in the world, and it’s not very interesting either, but it’s certainly worth doing. If you have a front lawn or any sort of plant growth near your driveway,

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100 X 47……………………….£3.85 EQUALS £1.28 PER METRE

75 X 47…………………………£2.87 EQUALS £0.96 PER METRE


100MM BLOCKS EACH …….£1.06

140MM  BLOCKS  EACH ……..£1.49

215MM BLOCKS EACH …….E2.29



2440 X 1200 X 12.5MM …….£5.05

1800 X 900 X 12.5MM ……..£3.30



2440 X 1220 X 11MM……….£11.50


2440  X 1220  X 18MM……….£18.45

OSB3 (T&G)

2400 X 600 X 18MM………..£10.25


The Case of the Real (and Legally) Haunted House

Everyone knows that neglecting home improvements can diminish a property’s value. But what if it’s the work of the spirit world that’s causing you selling problems?

The Ackley Family

Nestled next to the Hudson River is a large Victorian house, known as 1 LaVeta Place. In 1990 this home in Nyack, New York was the centre of a one-of-a-kind case, now widely known as the Ghostbusters Ruling.

The couple Helen and George Ackley had lived in this house since the 1960s – but they were not alone! They claimed that family members would be woken up by shaking beds,

How to Fix High Staff Turnover in Your Construction Company

At the heart of a successful construction company is the workforce; having a team of professional, efficient and skilled employees is tantamount to success, or at least half the battle. The other half of the battle is retaining your amazing workforce. High construction turnover can have major repercussions to the quality of work your company produces, as well as your ability to deliver even basic services.

In this article, therefore, we’ll be looking at how you can fix high staff turnover in your construction company. In doing so, you’ll ensure that your construction company continues to succeed for years to come!

Hitchcock & King Welcome Back a Familiar Face

Here at Hitchcock & King, we understand that without a valued and experienced staff ensuring all our services are performed to the highest industry standards, our high-quality customer service would undoubtedly suffer.

That said, we are extremely proud therefore to be welcoming back a familiar face! Karen Miller, who has worked at Hitchcock & King for 20 years, is returning to work after her maternity leave.

In October 2015, Karen had a lovely baby boy called Milo. Congratulations were shared all round, and Hitchcock & King were there to offer our support wherever it was needed throughout Karen’s maternity.

Top Tips for Growing Your Construction Company

No matter what your business is, the key to growth is an almost unstoppable ambitious drive. While you may have all the know-how in the world, if you haven’t got the motivation to push your business forward you’ll stumble at the very first hurdle.

All the largest businesses in the world, from Facebook to Virgin, Apple to Bechtel, weren’t overnight successes. Their founders all had the ambition that was needed to push their businesses toward success, plus a few key tips. You may have the ambition, too, but you’ll need the focus these tips provide to truly excel.