07 Jun

Most Common Electrical Problems You Need to Look Out For

At best, electrical faults can be disruptive; at worst, they can be outright dangerous. We recommend taking some time to identify any electrical hazards in your property. These should be addressed as soon as possible with the help of a trained electrician. 

While electrical faults is a broad category, there are some particularly common faults that you should be acutely aware of. In this article, we list eight of the most common.

Most common electrical issues in the home

Frequent power surges

One or two power surges might be due to circumstances outside of the home, but frequent power surges are far more likely to have been caused by a faulty appliance within the home. 

Mild electrical shocks

Electrical shocks are a serious issue that should be addressed immediately. Even mild electrical shocks can cause harm or develop into a more significant problem. Electrical shocks might occur as a result of a faulty electrical device or poor wiring. In any case, it’s always best to allow an electrician to investigate.

High electricity bill

An abnormally high electricity bill is often an indicator that something is wrong with the electrical appliances or wiring in the property. Some causes of a high electricity bill may include damaged wiring or circuits.

Flickering light bulbs

If your light bulb is flickering or regularly ‘going out’ before coming back on, it’s possible that you’re using a bulb with too high a wattage or the insulation in the ceiling is too close to the bulb.

Buzzing noise coming from plug sockets

A buzzing sound may seem harmless, but it can actually be caused by defective wiring or a loosely connected switch. Both of these issues could trip the circuit board or cause harm to anyone who touches the socket.

Burning smell

If you can smell burning coming from the power point of an appliance, switch off the appliance immediately and contact an electrician to investigate. It is likely that the burning smell has come from the plastic insulation of the wiring. This can often be a precursor to an electrical fire. 

Wires sticking out of sockets

Wires that are old or have been wired incorrectly may fall out of the socket and become exposed. This could cause an electric fire if not properly addressed. Don’t simply tape down the wires and think the problem is solved. Contact a qualified electrician to help.


Sockets that are overloaded with plugs or light fixtures that are using high-watt bulbs can be a serious hazard. The high heat from the bulb or plugs can actually melt the fixtures and trigger an electric fire.

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