18 Sep
Carbon Footprint of Timber

Carbon Footprint of Timber

This month, we’re looking at the carbon footprint of timber and the effect the transportation of timber is having on the environment, ultimately discussing whether or not timber is an environmentally friendly option for your project.

Government targets to combat climate change

As humanity’s impact on the earth became more clear, the UK government started setting targets to cut our emissions and lessen the damage we’re causing to the environment.

As long as the timber industry is sustainable – that is, for each tree cut down for timber, another tree is planted to maintain a balance –

28 Oct
Is Timber Environmentally Friendly?

Is Timber Environmentally Friendly?

Hitchcock and King: Is timber environmentally friendly?

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Is timber environmentally friendly?

Timber frames are fast to build, meaning the construction process is quick and simple, making the energy consumption and production of C02 during the process extremely low.

By using timber, the expansion of forestry is encouraged which in turn increases the carbon sink effect and actively reduces the C02 in the atmosphere;