28 Oct

Is Timber Environmentally Friendly?

Hitchcock and King: Is timber environmentally friendly?

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Is timber environmentally friendly?

Timber frames are fast to build, meaning the construction process is quick and simple, making the energy consumption and production of C02 during the process extremely low.

By using timber, the expansion of forestry is encouraged which in turn increases the carbon sink effect and actively reduces the C02 in the atmosphere; something which more-than makes up for the small amount of C02 produced during construction work with timber.

Recycled timber

There are a whole host of benefits that come with the recycling of timber and the use of this recycled product in various construction projects. Some of these benefits include:

  • environmentally friendly
  • raises industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation
  • promotes timber mills to adopt more environmentally conscious practices

Trees replanted

By replanting trees, we are able to ensure not only a pleasing aesthetic throughout our towns and cities, but a healthy urban environment for those living within them. These benefits, along with a whole host of others, are the reasoning behind the government’s Big Tree Plant campaign back in December 2010. The campaign sought to increase the number of trees planted throughout our country, as well as the rate at which this was done, and has since seen over 819,000 trees planted. With over £3.7 million granted from the government, as well as £7 million granted through match funding, this scheme is set to proliferate in years to come, meaning the scheme’s roots can be spread, and its benefits felt by more and more cities and residents.

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