19 Mar

Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes – Good or Bad?

We stumbled upon a story that got us thinking about the challenges local businesses, including those in the building and construction sector, face in bustling cities like London. It revolves around the impact of Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) schemes — you know, those initiatives aimed at reducing traffic and making the streets more pedestrian friendly.

While these schemes have their heart in the right place, aiming for cleaner air and safer streets, there’s another side of the story worth talking about.

The article, featured in the Daily Mail, shines a light on a once-thriving shopping street in London that’s felt the pinch of these LTN measures.

A street that used to be a favourite spot for celebs like Nigella Lawson is now struggling to draw in the footfall it once had. The local businesses there — cosy cafes, speciality shops — are finding it increasingly difficult to thrive. This reduced traffic, meant to encourage walking and cycling, has inadvertently made it tougher for customers to access these stores, leading to a dip in business.

It’s a complex issue, really. On one hand, we have the undeniable benefits of reducing traffic and pollution in our beloved city. On the other, there are the unintended consequences on local businesses that form the backbone of our community. 

At Hitchcock & King, we are all about supporting local businesses and understand the importance of adapting to changes, whether they be environmental policies or market trends. This story serves as a reminder of the line between embracing environmental initiatives and ensuring our local businesses thrive. It’s about finding that sweet spot where sustainability and economic growth coexist.

For those interested in the full depth of this discussion, we highly recommend checking out the original article here

Please note, our Fulham branch is affected by the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in London, however, we offer free RinGo Codes at our trade counter to allow any of our customers to travel to and from the branch without incuring any penalties. Please do drop by, or give our branch a call for more information.