23 Apr

How to Avoid Waste Buildup on Construction Sites

Waste is a prevalent issue within the construction industry, but it’s one which can certainly be combated with the right level of organisation and planning. In this article, the Hitchcock & King team will be taking a look at some ways in which you can organise your construction site, so you can help avoid the buildup of waste.

Avoiding wastage on construction sites

Plan properly

Before you start work, make sure that you designate specific areas where waste can be disposed of. With separate waste containers for wood, metal and plastic, you will be able to keep any waste you do create organised from the get-go, meaning that you will find it much easier to stay on top of it all.

Store materials efficiently

By minimising damage to materials, you minimise waste. So, make sure that you store timber on level blocking and under cover, and make sure to stack bricks and other masonry. This way, you will not have to dispose of, and ultimately purchase more, materials.

Reuse existing materials

Reusing or repurposing existing materials once they’ve been stripped out reduces the need to go out and purchase costly new material, and it will seriously reduce waste around the construction site, too. What’s more, if you carry out repairs on damaged materials, such as pallets, and reuse temporary fixtures like fencing around the site, you could reduce waste further.

You could even collaborate with other businesses and sites close by to identify opportunities for exchanging reusable materials.

Keep an inventory

By keeping an inventory, checking it regularly and keeping it updated, you can stay on top of what you have and what you need on site. More than anything, however, this means that you won’t over order when it comes to purchasing new materials, which would result in more waste building up on your construction site.

Choose the right partners

Finding the right suppliers and waste specialists to work with is vital if you want to take your waste management strategy to the next level. For example, you could ask them to deliver your materials on returnable pallets that they can pick up when they make additional deliveries, or when the project is over. Or, you could see if they’ll buy back any products you don’t use.

Other options to consider are: organising staggered deliveries to ensure that your on-site storage never gets overwhelmed, or asking for fully-audited reports on your waste streams, making sure your waste forecasts are based on relevant and up-to-date data.

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