How is timber graded?

Any timber that is to be used in construction must be graded in terms of its strength and stiffness. Timber grading is a process through which timbers with similar structural properties are sorted into different groupings. Though there are, naturally, significant overlaps in properties in the groups, there are still noticeable and verified differences which can make some types more suitable for certain tasks than others.

Timber varieties

When timber is to be used within the construction industry, it must be suitable for the project’s end use. The two main types of timber that tend to be used in construction work are kiln dried timber and unseasoned timber,

What’s the difference between timber and lumber?

Timber and lumber are often grouped together with one another and this, for the most part, is not wrong; the two are fairly synonymous of one another. There is, however, a difference between timber and lumber which separate these two terms.

Wood is the product yielded once a tree has been felled, but it is then turned into what can be referred to as either timber or lumber, depending on a few factors. In general, timber and lumber can both be used to refer to the wood at any stage following its tree’s felling.

This could include:

  • the felled tree itself
  • the processed wood product which will be used in construction
  • wood pulp that for use in paper production


Timber Timeline: Journey of Timber Infographic

hk-journey of timber

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Is Timber Environmentally Friendly?

Hitchcock and King: Is timber environmentally friendly?

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Is timber environmentally friendly?

Timber frames are fast to build, meaning the construction process is quick and simple, making the energy consumption and production of C02 during the process extremely low.

By using timber, the expansion of forestry is encouraged which in turn increases the carbon sink effect and actively reduces the C02 in the atmosphere;

Top tips for keeping builders happy

There are a range of things which can help make building sites a happier, more productive atmosphere for builders and homeowners both.  Follow these handy tips, and your builders will not only be happy with you and your household – they may never want to leave:

Before the builders come to work on your premises, ensure that you have agreed a thorough plan of exactly what you want carrying out at your property. Write a detailed description of what it is you want your builders to do, perhaps even cutting out an idea or image that reflects your wishes from a catalogue or magazine.