22 Aug

H&K’s Top 4 Decking Patterns


Revitalise your outdoor space with inspiring decking patterns to suit your taste. At Hitchcock & King, we provide the materials you need to buy decking that stands the test of time. 

Bring your patio to life with four decking designs that you can create using our high-quality decking boards.

Picture Frame

A picture frame decking pattern is a design that entails creating a border around the perimeter of your deck, sort of like a picture frame. This style not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also helps in defining different areas of your deck. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their patio decking.

Simple Single Width

The simple single width design is a classic and time-tested decking pattern, perfect for a clean and straightforward layout. It involves laying decking boards parallel to each other across the entire surface. This approach is budget friendly and allows for quicker installation, so that you can enjoy your new garden decking sooner rather than later.


If you’re looking for a decking pattern that brings a dynamic and visually arresting look to your garden decking, the herringbone pattern is for you. Characterised by a zig-zag pattern where boards are laid in a V-shape, this pattern not only looks stunning but also brings a natural flow and a sense of movement to your outdoor space.


Similar to the herringbone, the chevron pattern showcases a V-shape design but employs a series of rectangles to create a straight, arrow-like effect across the deck. This decking idea is perfect for guiding visual focus towards a specific point in your garden.


Whether you are brainstorming decking ideas or looking to buy high-quality decking boards for your next project, Hitchcock & King are your trusted suppliers. From Balau hardwood to treated decking available in various sizes, we have it all. Reach out to our team for the best advice and find everything you need for laying decking on our fencing and decking page.