11 Mar

What Are The Different Types of Wood Finish?

Your woodworking project isn’t done until you’ve added a wood finish. It’s the cherry on top of the cake; the jam on top of the cream (or is it the other way around?).

That’s because a wood finish improves the look and colour of your wood, plus it can protect the wood from pests like termites and woodworm. There are many different types of wood finishes, each with their own application and benefits. In this article, discover the different types of wood finishes and which is best for your project.


Wood dye

Consisting of a colourant and a solvent, dyes change the colour of the wood without blocking the visibility of the grain. This is ideal if you need the wood to have a different colour to its natural look. 

In addition to changing the colour, most dyes also provide a layer of protection.


Wood Oils

Oils seep into the wood instead of just sitting on the surface. This is ideal for nourishing the wood grain, as the natural oils present in the wood tend to dry out over time.

Oils make the wood healthier, but they also improve the appearance of the wood by adding a translucent effect.


Wood Varnish

One of the most commonly used finishes, varnish is a transparent finish that adds a satin or glossy look to your wood. It also adds protection to the wood and can be added in multiple layers to increase the protection even further. 

Varnish is typically applied on the surface of the wood and can even be applied on top of a dye. 


Wood Stain

Wood stain improves the overall appearance of the wood by enhancing the colour and increasing the visibility of the grains. It also helps to hide inconsistencies in the wood by blending the surface colour into a continuous shade.

Unlike other finishes, wood stain doesn’t protect the wood. An extra protective finish is typically applied on top of the stain to add protection.


Wood wax

Wax is usually applied as a coating on an existing finish to provide additional protection. It also helps to mask imperfections.

Wood preserver

Wood Preserver

There are different types of wood preserver for indoor and outdoor applications. Though wood preserver doesn’t improve the appearance of the wood, it does add protection, especially against pests like termites and woodworm,

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