09 Oct

Top tips for keeping builders happy

There are a range of things which can help make building sites a happier, more productive atmosphere for builders and homeowners both.  Follow these handy tips, and your builders will not only be happy with you and your household – they may never want to leave:

Before the builders come to work on your premises, ensure that you have agreed a thorough plan of exactly what you want carrying out at your property. Write a detailed description of what it is you want your builders to do, perhaps even cutting out an idea or image that reflects your wishes from a catalogue or magazine.


When choosing your builder in the first place, ensure that you have carried out a check of their references as well as getting a written quote from them. This way, when they arrive at your premises, you can be confident that they are the best choice possible for your project and will treat them accordingly; something which will make their lives a lot easier during their time working at your property.

iStock_000005615199XSmallHave a clear picture of how long the build will take, taking into account the possibility for bad weather.
By doing this, you reduce the chances of frustration during the process for yourself, and  so also have a shared idea of expectations, should the project take longer than you’d expected.

Be prepared to be patient in some circumstances – whilst your build will work out in the end, it may hit a few obstacles along the way for a variety of reasons, it’s a good idea to be prepared for this and be honest and open about adjusting your plans, should your builder deem it necessary.

Keep those teas and coffees coming! Although it may sound like a simple solution, providing your builders with enough tea, coffee and other refreshments will keep spirits up, help them maintain their work ethic and make the whole process smoother and quicker for everyone involved.

Of this same ilk, keep the radio going throughout the day to keep everyone’s spirits up, as well as drowning out the unpleasant noises of drills, concrete mixers and other bits of machinery.

iStock_000015078865SmallEnsure that the project is done to a high standard. Homeowners and builders should both be open and honest with one another to ensure that, at the end of a project, all parties involved are content with the outcome.

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