19 Jul

Top 5 Traits for a Construction Worker

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Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your workforce with some competent new staff or are a construction worker looking to make yourself more employable, there are some traits in construction workers that are more desirable than others; here we present a rundown the top 5 traits for a construction worker and why they are important.


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1. Safe

Keeping everyone safe on construction sites should always be a number one priority. With heavy materials and potentially dangerous equipment all around, it is very easy for someone to be accidentally injured. Therefore, it is crucial that all construction workers are completely up to date on their health and safety training and know how to behave competently in any situation. Health and safety should be taken very seriously by all those that work in the construction industry, so any member of staff thought to be treating the issue like a joke will not be trusted or respected by their colleagues.


2. Physically fit

We’re not saying that every construction worker has to be immensely strong and muscular, but construction can be a very demanding job so it is essential that staff are healthy and capable of carrying out their work in a safe manner that isn’t going to cause them any physical damage or injuries – an on-site accident could lead to huge compensation claims that an employer will want to avoid!


3. A hard worker

It doesn’t matter whether a construction worker has decades of experience or none at all, if they are willing to work hard all day then they are an asset to a business and their attitude will be greatly appreciated. The worst thing an experienced worker can do is become complacent and think that they have earned the right to slack off, yet it is a common occurrence on sites across the country. This is a surefire way to gain a reputation as a lazy worker that no one wants to work with, which can greatly hinder career prospects and progress.


4. Passionate

An employer will be looking for staff who are genuinely passionate about what they do as this will guarantee a happy, motivated workforce and more productive work days.

If you are in the construction industry but are not passionate about the work you are doing then it is likely that you are in the wrong profession, and your negative attitude towards the project you are working on could result in lapses of concentration that could be catastrophic for the project and dangerous for other team members.

5. Friendly

For most projects a construction worker will be required to work in teams, and most likely have to deal with the client as well. For this reason it is essential that the worker is happy, friendly and polite. While it is impossible to expect everyone to get on at all times, being able to be civil when you disagree with someone and get along with people is a big part of the job and will make everyone’s lives easier.


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