30 Jan

Top 5 Construction Industry Trends

Happy new year from all of us here at Hitchcock & King! We’re kicking off 2017 by having a look at some of the forecasted trends we’re likely to see in construction this year. Whether it’s advances in materials, new models for buildings or new skills to be learned, we’re sure 2017 is going to make an impact on the construction industry.

Top 5 Construction Industry Trends

Virtual reality

You may have already begun to see the latest virtual reality trend that’s sweeping the nation, with the headset goggles primarily being used for gaming at the moment. But there are much more practical uses for the sets too, and we’re predicting that they’ll begin to creep into the construction industry as early as this year. The headsets can be used alongside building plans to allow the client to really see and feel how their new construction will be, and therefore allow them to make any adaptations to the design before building commences. This not only ensures complete customer satisfaction, it can also save builders and project managers a lot of time and money, as they will no longer receive requests to make changes to a building mid-construction.


Another exciting technological advancement that could improve productivity in the construction industry this year is drones. Whether it’s to quickly survey a plot of land, video the progress on a build for a client to see, inspect structures from the ground level or simply monitor numerous job sites from your office, drone technology allows builders and project managers to have eyes everywhere, ensuring that the quality of a construction is maintained throughout the build and that the project is looking to be completed on time. Using a drone for these tasks will save on man-power, and offer safety benefits as you won’t need to have your builders climb structures or builds to carry out inspections.

An increase in house constructions

The 2016 Autumn Statement saw Chancellor Philip Hammond announce plans to invest £2.3 billion into a Housing Infrastructure Fund to be used on road and water connections and 100,000 new, affordable homes. Another £1.1 billion will be used to improve local transport networks and road upgrades. This will generate a lot of domestic constructions for contractors up and down the UK, so those in the construction industry should keep an eye out for these opportunities arising from 2017 onwards.

More commercial refurbishments

No look at 2017 would be complete without arguing the effects of Brexit on the construction industry. And, of course, with the good news of an increase in housing constructions comes some bad; we’re predicting a decline in new commercial builds.

Commercial sectors, especially overseas businesses, have been reluctant to invest in projects in Britain in the months surrounding the Referendum. And still, half a year after the event, the United Kingdom is still living in uncertain times, with things not looking to become more concrete until after Article 50 has been triggered and Britain has struck out on its own. This means that investors are still holding off making decisions regarding new builds.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom; although there may be a decrease in new commercial builds, there is likely to be an increase in commercial refurbishments. Multi-use offices, or shared offices, are a growing trend, with smaller organisations co-habiting one building to cut rental costs. This means owners of large commercial properties are looking to cash in by restructuring their building to suit numerous tenants.

Smart homes

Decades after its inception, the internet is still exciting consumers today, mainly due to how easy and accessible it makes day-to-day life. The home is no exception, and more and more appliances and features come with internet capabilities – television, phones, even kettles! The internet is set to be installed into homes more and more from here on out, along with other technologies to create smart, eco-friendly homes.


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