28 Sep

Top 10 Building Site Snacks

Working all day on a building site is hard graft. It can be difficult balancing breakfast, lunch and snacks when you’re spending your day balancing bricks, scaffold and steel beams. 

But snacks are important for keeping your energy up, and they give something to look forward to during a hard day on the job. If you’re unsure which snacks to bring, don’t worry. Sink your teeth into this month’s article — a list of the top ten building site snacks, judged on sustenance, taste and portability.

10 – Sports drink with electrolytes

Sneaking onto the list in tenth place is a sports drink high in electrolytes. Okay, it’s not really a snack, and it certainly won’t be the most filling item on this list, but electrolyte-heavy energy drinks are superb fuel for long days on the building site. Electrolyte drinks help you rehydrate so that your body is ready to take on any task.

9 – Berries


Berries are a healthy and easy-to-eat snack that add a little sweet touch to your day. The great thing about berries is that you can bring an assortment so that every bite tastes a little different.

8 – Boiled eggs

boiled eggs

They may not be the best-smelling snack on this list, but eggs are a great source of protein that can be eaten hot or cold.

7 – Jacket potato

Jacket Potato

If you fancy something a little more hearty than some berries or eggs, a jacket potato is a healthy and filling meal that will keep you plugging away for the rest of the day. We love jacket potatoes because they’re so versatile, but you’ll want to consider how easy your meal will be to eat before you pile on the toppings. It’s fine to use your hands for a ‘tater with butter and cheese, but a mountain of baked beans might require a knife and fork.

6 – Jerky


The meat lover’s best friend. Jerky is all your favourite things about meat packed into convenient little strips. Choose between beef, pork, turkey and lamb and stay sustained throughout the day

5 – Banana

Nature’s most convenient food. A banana is an excellent source of energy and doesn’t require any cooking whatsoever. Just throw your banana in your bag, peel when you’re hungry and enjoy.

4 – Nuts


Cashew nuts. Macadamia nuts. Brazil nuts. Almonds. The list goes on. Nuts are a versatile treat that are packed full of nutrients and are high in protein. They’re easy to eat too, just grab a handful and scoop them into your mouth like the animal you are.

3 – Wrap


When you’ve got a hankering for meat, cheese and salad but don’t want the burden of bringing utensils, the trusty wrap is there to save the day. All your favourite fillings will be nestled inside a soft tortilla for a convenient, hearty and tasty snack.

2 – Sausage roll / cornish pasty

Sausage Roll / Cornish Pasty

The pasty, a British classic. All your favourite meats encased in golden flaky pastry. Wave around your sausage roll and be the envy of your peers. Eat it hot, cold or that weird temperature where it’s somewhere in the middle. In any case, it’s always delicious.

1 – Sandwich 

You may disagree with some positions on this list, but I think we can all agree that the number one building site snack is the sandwich. A building site staple, the sandwich is tasty and dependable. Meat. Cheese. Salad. Eggs. Crisps. Is there nothing the mighty sandwich can’t hold? Just butter up two slices of your favourite bread and press them around all your favourite fillings. It’s a winner every time.

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