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The essentials for every handyman’s toolkit

When intending to carry out any DIY work, every handyman and handywoman should first ensure that they have a comprehensive toolbox with all that they may need within it. With the right kit of tools, work can be achieved in a more professional manner and a shorter timeframe, allowing for work that is more simple to complete. As well as this, by ensuring you have all the relevant tools on hand for your project, you save the expense of having to hire somebody to carry out the work for you.

Below, we list what we believe are the essential items for any really good toolkit:

Tape measure

When doing any DIY work, it is imperative that the fittings being installed in the property in question are of the right size. To make sure the existing space and the fittings being installed are the right size, a tape measure is extremely useful and, indeed, crucial.

Set of screwdrivers

Screwdrivers can come in handy for a variety of tasks – both menial and technical – during your DIY project. Whether you need to remove a lid from a can of paint, screw a nail into place in your new fixtures and fittings or even open battery compartments for mechanical fittings around the home, screwdrivers really do have a wealth of uses for a variety of projects.


A hammer is a crucial part of any toolkit, with one simply-designed tool having two useful functions. With one end to drive nails and bolts in, the other can be used to pry them out, meaning that two important aspects of much DIY work can be accomplished with one simple tool.

Spirit level

To ensure your TVs, photos and other decorations around the home are hung straight, and not at an angle, a level is an extremely useful tool which can be used with great ease.

Utility knife

When carrying out any DIY work, there may well be a lot of boxes and packaging involved containing new furnishings and materials. To open these, or for a range of other DIY tasks, a utility knife proves indispensable as part of a good toolkit.

Electric drill

For drilling holes and driving screws, a hand-held electric drill can prove an extremely useful part of a handyman’s toolkit. Though many opt to borrow or hire one if and when they require it, they are a worthy investment for anyone carrying out or expecting to have numerous projects in the pipeline at their property.


For cutting through a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and even metal pipes, a hacksaw is an extremely useful tool when creating and installing fittings for any property.

Work light

For carrying out more intricate work, or simply for working in dim conditions, work lights are an incredibly useful addition to any DIY toolkit. Since they are an imperative part of an emergency kit, they are a worthy investment.

Brushes and rollers

For any painting work, you will benefit from having a wide selection of paint brushes and rollers in your toolkit to suit a variety of space sizes and surfaces. It is also worth carrying some masking tape for the painting of skirting boards and other such areas.


You will never come to any harm having a tube of superglue in your toolkit, and indeed you could find yourself in an instance where it could prove vital, so for such a cheap price it is well worth buying some.

Duct tape

Incredibly useful for a variety of jobs, including painting, constructions and installations, duct tape is a versatile material that should be found in every handyman’s toolkit.


When carrying out any DIY projects, it is likely that some dust and other mess may well be created. For this reason, it is advisable to put down rags first to ensure that the surrounding area of your property is protected from this mess during the process of the work being carried out.

Relevant workwear

Depending on the nature of your DIY project, it is likely that you will need to wear some or all of the following workwear to ensure you are protected and safe whilst carrying out the work in hand:

  • Safety goggles
  • work gloves
  • overalls

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