29 Oct

Supporting Local Trade

Hitchcock & King is one of the leading builders’ merchants in London. For the past 40 years, we’ve been providing the tools to build up our local community, and we’ve watched as new businesses have emerged, developed and shaped London into the world-leading city it is today.

COVID-19 has devastated many of these businesses across London, undoing the progress that’s been made in the past four decades. To help build these businesses back up to where they were, we’ll be using our social media following to showcase some of the best local businesses from both inside and outside the trade.

Visit our Facebook page regularly to discover some of London’s best local businesses and help them to get back onto their feet.

What will we be doing?

We’ll be supporting local businesses by showcasing them on our Facebook page. We’ll be giving these businesses exposure in the hopes that our followers will use their services. 

What are the benefits of being shared?

News travels fast. Facebook posts travel faster. By sharing a business with our followers we hope to increase their exposure to a brand new customer-base that are local to the area. If our followers choose to share the posts to their followers, then we could get the word out to thousands of potential new customers who could benefit from the services. It’s a win-win situation.

Why are we doing this?

We’re a leading builder’s merchants — but it wasn’t always this way. It’s taken 50 years to grow to where we are today. We know how hard it can be to grow a business in the usual climate, let alone during a pandemic.

We believe we have a duty to help these businesses through a turbulent period that has come about through no fault of their own. It helps them — and helps everyone else, because when the economy suffers, it affects all of us. 

How you can help

Visit our Facebook page regularly to discover the businesses we’ll be showcasing. We urge you to support these businesses in any way you can, whether that be through following them on social media, sharing the post with your followers, or by using their services.

If you have any questions about the initiative, or if you wish to enquire about our services, contact the Hitchcock & King team today. We’re always happy to help.