01 Apr

Most Common Plastering Mistakes

If you’re gonna DIY, you’ve got to get it right.

Plastering may seem like a simple job, but there are many things that can go wrong. If you’re not careful, you can leave your walls worse than when you started — and nobody wants that. Make sure you leave your walls strong, smooth and durable by avoiding some of the most common plastering mistakes. 

Common plastering mistakes

Improper removal 

The first step to any plastering job is to remove all existing plaster — but don’t get crazy with it! If the material underneath is unstable, you could bring the whole wall down. For example, if the plaster was applied over brick, you might find that removing the plaster pulls chunks out of the bricks. 

The solution is to be cautious. Using a chisel, chip away a small area of the wall, preferably near a corner and peek underneath. Check to see what material is behind the plaster and how easily the plaster is peeling off. If you feel confident that the plaster is removing easily without damaging the material underneath, then go ahead with the rest of your removal. However, if you do spot any issues, continue with the chisel approach for the rest of the wall.

Using the wrong type of material

If you’re a newcomer to the DIY game, you may not be aware that plaster comes in various mixtures — and they’re not all suitable for every application. If you’ve chosen an unsuitable mixture for your DIY job, it may do more harm than good, so make sure you take the time to check which mixture you need before you start the job.

Consider whether you’re creating a decorative finish, or whether the plaster will be applied in areas with excessive moisture. These are just some factors that will determine the type of mix you need. 

If you’re unsure what plaster you need, contact a professional builders merchants and they’ll be able to help. At Hitchcock & King, we have a huge selection of building equipment and will always be happy to help you find your perfect supplies.

Using cheap tools

You might think that cheap tools will save you money, but they’ll end up costing you more in the long run. That’s because cheap tools equal a shoddy job. If you want the best finish from your plastering, you’ll need to invest in some decent tools. That doesn’t mean you have to splash the cash — you just need to buy quality products from a reputable supplier. Your tools will last longer and give a better finish.

Not cleaning your tools

After a long session of plastering, you might be tempted to set your tools down, make a nice cuppa and settle down for the day, leaving the plaster to harden all over your tools. 

When you return the following day, you’ll have a big problem. The hardened plaster could make your tools unusable, and you’ll have to spend double the time scraping off all the excess. Save yourself the hassle by cleaning up your tools between sessions. It will keep them in better condition and ensure you’re prepared to start the next session straight away.

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