10 Apr

Main Issues for Your Construction Company in 2017

With each new year fresh hurdles reveal themselves that could impede the continued success of your business. Although previous forecasts for 2017 have looked optimistically on the construction sector, there a number of issues that could arise. Knowing what these issues are in advance is often all that separates the successful construction company from the ailing one. As such, Hitchcock & King are here this month to help you identify the biggest risks to success you might face in 2017 so you can easily avoid them and succeed!

Skills Shortages

Despite the consistent growth the construction sector has seen in recent years, various firms have reported that they are often unable to fill positions with qualified workers. While investments in training, increasing pay and benefits would often prove a great incentive and solve the issue, it doesn’t currently seem to be working.

With a weakened skilled workforce, unfortunately an acceptable level of worksite safety is put at risk. Extra care must be given to ensure site safety levels are maintained. Adhere to only the very highest standards at all times.

Technological Innovation

As in the majority of sectors, the technological revolution continues to transform our world in unprecedented ways. The construction sector has been no exception. In 2017, technological advances are set to alter the construction industry landscape like never before, and so it’ll pay to keep on top of all the latest techniques, software and tools.

Laser scanning, building information modelling (BIM) and virtual reality are all making headway in the construction sector. Although there is sometimes a heavy initial investment, in the long run these technologies serve to streamline the process and thereby substantially cut costs.

Issues arise in the initial cost and the fact that other companies may have already invested in the technology. Likewise, you also need a workforce that’s trained to use these technologies. But with careful foresight, you can easily overcome these hurdles and take 2017 head on.

Environmental Concerns

The window of opportunity to tackle catastrophic environmental concerns is fast closing. If we are to keep climate change within sustainable levels, work must be undertaken in all walks of life. So that means the construction industry, too!

The construction industry worldwide currently contributes around 30-40% of annual carbon emissions. Clearly, work needs to be done to bring the exceedingly high levels down. But the problem arises with the way projects are currently managed and the processes that are industry standard. Work to improve emissions and waste will take years yet, but starting now to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, as well as water consumption, is essential.

Complex Designs and Projects

With the question of space an all-important one nowadays, the complexity of future projects is another issue construction companies face. For instance, the best real estate in the country currently exists in our urban areas, but there simply isn’t enough space to go around. In some cities, creative approaches to solving this issue have involved buying up air rights above existing buildings. They have quite wisely deduced that eventually development must go into the skies, at which point they will likely reap huge profits.

This demonstrates how important it is to get creative with property development and construction, especially in urban areas. But creativity in projects often leads to complexity, and your company will need to handle this added difficulty.

However, that isn’t the primary issue with complex projects. The main issue is that you will need to be selective in the projects you choose in the future. You will need to devote more time to a given project than you would have done previously. As such, your approach to acquiring new business needs to be revised. But if you are able to pick your battles effectively, you will set your company apart from all others because you can deliver results on time and within budget.

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