29 Jun

Improving The Value of Your Home Through DIY

DIY may have just been a lockdown hobby, but did you know the jobs that you do around the house may have an impact on the value of your home? In some cases, you can increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds with just a few simple DIY jobs. In this article, we explain how to increase the value of your home through DIY.

Increasing house value through DIY

Replace the bathroom floors

Retiling your bathroom floor can make a world of difference to your bathroom. Old tiles may be cracked or worn, leaving a bad impression on your bathroom as a whole. Luckily, retiling your bathroom floor can be done yourself with a little bit of research. And by saving the new owners a job, you’ll be increasing the value of your home.

Install a splashback

Installing a splashback is a simple DIY job that can make a significant difference to the look of your kitchen. Not only does it look great itself, but it also protects your walls from stains and mould. A simple task, installing a splashback in your kitchen will keep your kitchen looking better for longer.

Repainting the property

Nothing says DIY like a lick of paint. Colour trends change over time, so if you haven’t painted your house in a while it may look outdated. A great way to increase the value of your home is to paint your home in a neutral colour. Neutral colours appeal to almost every homeowner, as colours such as grey and white are ideal starting points for decorating an interior. Potential buyers viewing your home will be able to easily envisage how they will do up the place. 

Repaint the driveway

Why stop with the walls? A lick of paint to the driveway can improve the kerb appeal of your home. When it comes to selling, first impressions are everything. A striking driveway can make all the difference to the exterior of your home. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you could even repave your driveway. However, this is more complex than your standard DIY job, so make sure you’ve done your research and have the right tools.

Add Insulation

It’s no secret that energy-efficient homes do better on the market than their counterparts. Adding some insulation to your home can significantly increase the price. Plus, by keeping warmth inside your home, you can enjoy money off your heating bills for the remainder of your stay there. 

Create an open-plan living space

If you’re up for a challenge, you could really revamp your house by knocking through internal walls to create open-plan living spaces. Open-plan rooms are popular, modern features of a home. They create open, spacious, multi-purpose rooms that modernise the home and increase its value.

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