09 Sep

DIY Disasters: How to avoid

Our homes sometimes needs a little refreshing, whether that be a simple lick of paint, a new shelf putting up or perhaps an entirely new room or extension. In these instances, it is tempting to carry out the work yourself so as to keep costs down and get the job done as quickly as possible and in a time frame that suits you. There are a number of instances, however, in which carrying out DIY is preferable over hiring someone to do the job for you. Without the right skills or know-how, however, it is very difficult to get the job done without having a serious mishap.

Here are some reasons why it is well worth hiring a professional to carry out jobs at your home:

Damage to your property

One obvious reason why DIY should be avoided in the instance of larger, more technical jobs around the house is that there is serious potential for damage to your property. It is now not uncommon for repairmen to be called out to repair botched DIY attempts by homeowners in which they have used the wrong tools or techniques and actually worsened existing situations in their properties.

crack in wall

Ahmed Al-Shukaili http://www.freeimages.com/photo/crack-1171060

Higher cost in the long-run

It is estimated that every year, property owners in Britain pay a staggering £4.4 billion to repair the damage done by DIY at their homes; an average of around £166 for each failed DIY attempt. This is a huge amount of money for any homeowner to pay; particularly given that money will have been spent on the initial purchasing of materials for the project before its mishap.

Potentially dangerous

Without the relevant know-how when it comes to construction work, tackling a large project in your home without professional help could potentially be dangerous. There is scope for you or whichever family member carries out the work to sustain an injury in the process, whether that be through slipping from a ladder or using power tools incorrectly.


As with any building project, home improvements require planning permits before any work can be carried out on the premises. These are not only time-consuming and taxing, but equally having the right knowledge of which the relevant and required permits are for each project is something that only industry experts will really be tuned into; something which is an even bigger selling point for having a professional in to do the work for you.

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