21 Dec

Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

Where there’s heavy machinery, high working areas and jokers playing pranks, there’s gonna be injuries. Common Injuries on construction sites range from electric shocks to repetitive strains. While there are many hazards to be wary of, most injuries can be avoided by following simple safety precautions.

In this month’s article, discover the common causes of construction site injuries.


Falls are by far the most common cause of injury on a construction site. Around half of all injuries in the construction sector are caused by falls each year.

Faulty scaffolding, unsecured ladders and a lack of safety railings all increase your chances of suffering from a fall. 

Falling objects

Not only can you fall and injure yourself, but other things can fall on you. Tools or materials that are not properly secured can fall from great heights, causing serious damage if you’re not protected. That’s why wearing a hard hat is the number one rule of the construction site — no ifs, ands or buts.

Getting stuck

Construction sites are filled with heavy machinery, large vehicles and piles of materials. Occasionally, workers can get stuck between or inside of these things. Sometimes heavy materials collapse onto someone.

It’s easier than you might expect to get wedged between heavy objects. If you aren’t being vigilant, you may end up in an extremely dangerous position.

Equipment malfunction

With the sheer amount of equipment and tools on a construction site, it’s no wonder that injuries are so common. An unbalanced forklift could topple over or a nail gun might misfire and hit you. Always be on the lookout for faulty or malfunctioning equipment. 

Even equipment that isn’t malfunctioning can cause injury without the right protection. Vibrations from power tools can cause nerve damage to the hands, and excessive noise can cause hearing damage if you aren’t wearing the proper protective equipment.


Handle electrical equipment with care or you could get electrocuted. Electrocutions can cause nerve damage and muscle spasms, but the most common injuries sustained on construction sites as a result of electrocutions are burn injuries.

Electrocution can occur from improper handling of exposed wires or other electrical equipment.

Repetitive motion

The repeated physical labour exerted on construction sites can take its toll. Workers can suffer repetitive motion injuries, overuse injuries and even overexertion, the latter of which is most likely to happen in hot weather. Conversely, working in bitterly cold temperatures can result in hypothermia, frostbite and other cold-related injuries.

The team at Hitchcock & King know a thing or two about construction sites, that’s why we know how important it is to stay safe. Always stay vigilant to potential hazards and behave appropriately. Remember — your actions can harm others as well as yourself, so don’t do anything silly that could put the health of others in jeopardy.

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