10 Apr

Hitchcock & King Welcome Back a Familiar Face

Here at Hitchcock & King, we understand that without a valued and experienced staff ensuring all our services are performed to the highest industry standards, our high-quality customer service would undoubtedly suffer.

That said, we are extremely proud therefore to be welcoming back a familiar face! Karen Miller, who has worked at Hitchcock & King for 20 years, is returning to work after her maternity leave.

In October 2015, Karen had a lovely baby boy called Milo. Congratulations were shared all round, and Hitchcock & King were there to offer our support wherever it was needed throughout Karen’s maternity.

We have continued to support Karen since the end of her maternity leave. At first, we provided Karen with a laptop with which she could resume some of her duties with Hitchcock & King from the comfort of her own home. In this way, we worked to ensure that Karen could spend as much time with Milo as possible!

But although it’s been great to have Karen working behind the scenes, it hasn’t felt quite the same as having her here in person! That’s why we’re more than happy to be welcoming Karen back into the Hitchcock & King fold for 2 days a week.

Here, she’ll be able to take a hands-on approach once more in the office, but will still get to spend 5 days a week with her son! We hear Milo’s a very happy boy about that, though that isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy spending time with his grandmother when Karen is at work!

Hitchcock & King have proudly supplied building materials to clients throughout London for over 40 years. We are a leading provider of timber, plasterboard, roofing materials and more in the capital. We pride ourselves on our high quality of customer care, behind which is our exceptional, specialist staff like Karen. To talk to a member of our friendly team about acquiring building materials for your project, feel free to contact us today!