04 Dec
The Greasy Spoon Awards 2020

The Greasy Spoon Awards 2020

Hitchcock & King are one of London’s leading builders’ merchants (we’d like to think you already knew that, though). We’re an independent company which has, over the years, grown to seven branches across South West London. Can you help us find the area’s best greasy spoon?

It’s a no-brainer that most builders (and plumbers, and roofers, and decorators, etc…) love nothing more than a traditional full English, washed down with a tasty coffee, to get the day off to a good start. Over the years we’ve tried our fair share of cafes, each with their own delicious breakfast offerings –

04 Dec
Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours



Friday 21st of December – 7-5
Saturday 22nd of December – Closed
Sunday 23rd of December – Closed
Monday 24th of December – Closed
Tuesday 25th of December – Closed
Wednesday 26th of December – Closed
Thursday 27th of December – 7-3
Friday 28th of December – 7-3
Saturday 29th of December – 7-3
Sunday 30th of December – Closed
Monday 31st Of December – 7-3
Tuesday 1st of January – Closed


Friday 21st of December – 

12 Oct

A Guide to BS 8612

What is the BS 8612 and Why has it been Released?

BS 8612 is a set of industry standards, developed by the British Standards Institute, for dry fix roofing methods. Recently, dry fix roofing methods have been increasing in popularity – over half of new roofs in the UK use dry fixing – due to revised recommendations for roofing and slating best practice (BS 5534). In this revision, the dangerous problem of failing mortar and loose roof tiles was addressed with new guidance stating that ridges and hips need to be mechanically fixed, regardless of whether mortar is also used or not.